Discover the fortress of Châtel sur Moselle

The fortress of Chatel is one of the most important witnesses of the military medieval architecture in the Lorraine region, in the west part of France. A first castle was built at the end of the XIth century by the Counts of Vaudemont. In 1373, it became the property of the Neufchatel family. Thibaut VIII and Thibaut IX of Neufchatel considerably strengthened it to adapt to artillery over the 1430-1450 period. The fortress was destroyed by the troops of Louis XIV during the 1670-1671 winter. Fallen into oblivion, the ruins extend over more than 5 hectares. Visitors can access three floors of subterranean galleries, the double artillery wall in front of the large ditch on the north side, the artillery boulevard on the south side in front of the Mosel river. A museum displaying the artifacts found during the excavation is also accessible.